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  • Outdoor enclosure for electronic components

    The challenge

    The outdoor enclosure shall protect sensitive electronic parts and has been designed for the application on vehicles. The related strong vibrations and mechanical stress place enormous demands on the sturdiness of material and construction; as well as the changing weather conditions just as solar radiation, frost or precipitation. Additionally, we had to assure that there would be no condensate in the interior room in case of temperature changes.

    The häwa solution

    As material we used aluminum. We executed the enclosure double-walled with louvers at the upper edge. Thus, a circulating air layer between the internal and the external enclosure wall is the result which helps to maintain a virtually constant temperature level inside. The insides of the sheet metal are not lacquered so that the heat can be more easily released to the outside. In order to avoid condensate in case of temperature changes we integrated a cabinet heating.

    Outdoor enclosure for electronic components

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