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Ideas turned into reality – exemplary customer solutions

Here you find a selection of already implemented projects across all different application areas. Every one of them was individually tailored to the desired application purpose of our customer.
Convince yourself that we will also find the best possible solution for your requirements.

  • Application as outdoor enclosure on vehicles
  • Conception for electronic components
  • Resistant to external influences
  • Prevention of formation of condensate
Reference: Enclosures Outdoor enclosure for electronic components
  • Part of a truck gas pump
  • Execution according to design guidelines
  • Outdoor usability
  • Integration of a display housing
Reference: machine covers Enclosure for a truck gas pump
  • Modularity: for use as single cell or production line
  • Easy-to-install design
  • Improved adjustability of the cells to each other
  • Improved accessibility for the operator
Reference: machine covers Single cell or manufacturing line for production
  • Improvement of sound insulation
  • Assembly- and User friendliness
  • Integration of the cabinet
Reference: machine covers Machine enclosure for a board plate equipper
  • High demands on protection against humidity, dirt and corrosion
  • High mechanical stress through strong vibrations
  • Difficult space conditions
Reference: Enclosures Enclosure for heavy-load transporters
  • Revision of an existing machine enclosure without any significant changes in design, our goal: improved functionality and sealing as well as an enhanced chip flow. Additionally, we wanted to assure an easier and faster assembly by the customer – and reduce at the same time the number of parts from sheet metal. Because of a lined-up construction high accuracy was necessary. Last but not least we integrated complex thick-walled components into the enclosure – with improved sturdiness and lower wind speeds.
Reference: machine covers Machine enclosure for machining centers
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