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  • 27. September 2018

    The X-frame family is continuously growing

    Häwa presents its new manual workstation at the Motek Fair 2018 in Stuttgart. It was developed by the innovative team that has already designed the...

    25. November 2015

    “We Bring Your Ideas to Life“ häwa Concepts for Customized Control Cabinet Solutions

    häwa defines customer-specific standard with individual cabinet solutions

    26. November 2014

    häwa presents the large variability of its X-frame machine frames with a new application example

    At the SPS IPC Drives in hall 5 at stand 170 and 270, the häwa GmbH presents its variable machine frame X-frame by means of a new application example.

    26. November 2014

    Cooling and ventilation solutions for cabinets from häwa

    At the SPS IPC Drives in hall 5 at stand 170 and 270 the häwa GmbH presents cooling and ventilation solutions for cabinets.

    11. November 2014

    Filter fan with EC technology from häwa reduces electric power consumption and noise level

    Life expectancy of the fan is considerably higher than with common devices

    24. October 2014

    Large portfolio of tools for perforating and punching from häwa for customers who still “putter around” themselves

    The häwa GmbH offers a large portfolio of tools which are especially destined for customers who still screw their cabinets together themselves or...

    20. October 2014

    New cooling units with condenser in micro-channel technology from häwa benefit from a small installation depth

    Installation depth of condenser is reduced by approximately 50 mm

    11. November 2014

    New filterless cooling unit with inverter technology from häwa regulates performance variably depending on cooling requirements

    Energy savings of 30% in comparison to systems with a fixed rotational speed

    22. April 2014

    häwa’s fire protection enclosures offer the maximal total conductor cross-section of all cables in the market

    häwa gets new national technical approvals according to the latest guidelines of the German Institute of Construction Technology (DiBT)

    03. April 2014

    Ducts of häwa offer a particularly high degree of protection

    Also available in accordance with customer requirements

    Printhäwa GmbH