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  • 24. June 2022

    häwa invests close to 15 million euros in a brand new headquarters in Wain

    Wain, 24th June 2022. häwa GmbH, a leading manufacturer of control cabinets and housings, has big plans with its eye on the future. This company from the region of Upper Swabia is investing close to 15 million euros in a spacious new building at its headquarters in Wain. The official ground-breaking ceremony for the new headquarters, two production halls, and a final assembly area is already planned for the end of 2022.

    “Our long-term strategy is paying off, especially in times of crisis. We don't make decisions ‘overnight’, but plan our investments for the long term,” says Managing Director Arno Müller. The new building is an important milestone in the history of häwa. A new, highly efficient and resource-saving paint shop and a modern administrative building are planned. Significant measures will be undertaken to increase efficiency and customer friendliness with modern production, spacious offices, and meeting rooms.

    The figures alone are impressive. häwa GmbH will invest around 15 million euros over the next two years in its new company building at its headquarters in Wain (Biberach district). The floor area of the new building is around 15,000 square meters - a good 50 percent more than before. In addition to a generous 2500 meters of office space, a completely new, ultra-modern paint shop will also be built.

    Environmental aspects also play a major role at häwa. The new building will be built according to the energy standard EN40. The entire roof is planned as a solar area. As part of this measure, ten charging stations will also be built for electric vehicles. The new building will also feature a new facility for company employees: an in-house canteen. Arno Müller: "The ground-breaking ceremony for this major project is planned for November or December of this year, and we want to start using our remarkable new premises in the autumn of 2024."


    Printhäwa GmbH