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  • 10. January 2022

    Customized program from häwa puts FOPPA AG in the fast lane to success

    Wain, January 10, 2022. Who should a well-known Swiss company contact when they require various different control cabinets and enclosures for its own products and solutions? They simply contact häwa! The Swabian specialist has developed an individual, customized standard program for FOPPA AG, giving them quick access to cabinets and enclosures which are required to implement large-scale projects throughout Switzerland.

    FOPPA AG is an independent family business with more than 80 employees and is one of the most efficient suppliers of smoke exhaust systems, RWA, RDA, MRWA, NRWA, gas warning systems, fire brigade equipment, mobile extinguishing equipment and fire protection products. Special solutions and customized products are one of FOPPA’s specialties. High-quality and sustainability characterize their products and services. In their field, FOPPA AG is a leading supplier in Switzerland, recognized for their innovative and high-quality products. They require many different control cabinets and enclosures for their products and solutions. In the past, FOPPA purchased standard enclosures and machined them in their own factory at high costs and in a time-consuming manner. Therefore, FOPPA AG was looking for a flexible partner who could offer a variety of standard enclosures and cabinets, but who also offered the flexibly to provide the required customized solutions.

    Customized standard program from häwa

    Together with FOPPA AG, häwa (schweiz) ag started to compile a comprehensive solution. häwa has designed an individual, customized standard program for FOPPA. häwa uses its standard stock enclosures, which are upgraded by fitting them with bases and diagram pockets. The bases are always factory-mounted, same as the side panels of the modular cabinets.
    After this assembly, the customer has further extension options for the cabinets. He can optionally order a mounted LED lamp with connecting cable, and/or he can also request machining of the roof to mount a special cable entry plate from the product range of häwa (schweiz) ag. FOPPA can choose from a total of four configuration options and can therefore act flexibly to meet the requirements of the individual project. häwa's own service and assembly department makes the cut-outs for the cable glands in the roof before the cable plates are installed.
    Each enclosure solution starts with the standard häwa housing and a set of wall attachment brackets, as well as a diagram pocket. The second extension level includes the cable entry, comparable to that of cabinets. The advantage of the enclosure is that the cable entries are already included in the housing and only need to be replaced. The housing is always turned 180 degrees "upside down" so that the cable entry plates are always at the top "in the roof". The third extension level offers a mounted LED lamp with corresponding connection cable in addition to the cable entry plates.

    Optional additional machining is possible at any time
    Additionally, FOPPA can order optional finishes for the enclosures as well as for the free-standing and modular cabinets. In individual cases, the cabinets and enclosures must be supplied in a special color. In this case, häwa offers the customer a wet painting surface finish of the housings. The advantage is that the coarse structure of the powder coating remains and the wet paint offers a high-quality finish. Furthermore, the customers often require cut-outs for a small screen in the doors of the enclosures or cabinets. häwa has pre-defined two cut-out size options with the customer.

    häwa also offers a whole range of standard junction boxes. Together with the customer, häwa developed additional types of these junction boxes with different cut-out patterns. Such häwa can offer the optimum solution to the customer and, in most cases, can guarantee that the cabinets, enclosures or junction boxes are available within a few weeks - with the special finishing required for the various projects.

    This means that FOPPA AG can always be sure to receive high-quality cabinet and enclosure systems at a competitive price and at significantly shorter delivery times. The successful cooperation has enabled FOPPA to carry out highly successful projects throughout Switzerland to the absolute satisfaction of its customers during the past two years.  Examples are steel cabinets systems for a large high-rise building complex in the canton of Aargau, specially painted free-standing cabinets for the Triemli Hospital in Zurich and Zurich Airport, as well as different sizes of enclosures for the new Swiss Life Arena in Zurich.

    You can get detailed information at: https://www.haewa.com/solutions-products/references/cabinets-and-housings-with-varying-degrees-of-individualization


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