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  • 29. October 2019

    Rowing against cancer

    häwa sponsored winner boat at the charity regatta in Offenbach am Main

    The parents of young rowers got into the boat for the rowing club Wiking Offenbach and took part in the campaign "Rowing against cancer" in Offenbach.
    The parents started in the race for the rowing club Wiking Offenbach.

    häwa supported this campaign and the boat was spontaneously named "hä-wikinger" and got the häwa slogan "living ideas".

    After the victory in the preliminary run in the mixed-boat class (FFMM), the parents succeeded also in the final run. The victory was honored with a trophy and it was celebrated with the obligatory champagne christening.

    We thank our Maintal branch manager, Mr. Joachim Pfeiffer, for his commitment.


    Printhäwa GmbH