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  • 15. September 2020

    X-frame impresses the experts

    The häwa machine rack is a success story in functionality, flexibility, practical relevance and sophisticated design. It’s applications possibilities are expanded continuously. häwa will go on tour this fall with the X-frame machine rack in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

    As requirements for machine racks in different application areas become more and more sophisticated and versatile, häwa reacts and makes its X-frame machine rack even more flexible. The modular system, patented since 2008, features easy opening flaps on the struts, thereby providing quick access to all installed cables and lines. häwa has extended the modular design, which now makes on-site assembly even more convenient, faster and cost-effective. Time savings of up to 30 percent are possible.
    häwa designs and manufactures every X-frame machine rack according to the customers’ requirements. Thanks to the close contact between the end users and the manufacturer, the rack has been optimized continuously over the years. Project Manager Volker Ott: "We have developed our machine racks and adapted them to future requirements consistently, and we will continue to make them even better, more efficient and safer. Our goal is to find the perfect solution for every requirement". He emphasizes that ergonomics and corporate design are becoming more and more important for many companies: "We can adapt our solutions to these requirements and thus create a high degree of individuality.“
    X-frame currently is mostly appreciated in areas where robots are used. From hanging and standing robots to lateral adaptations, everything is possible. Depending on the requirements, the customer can choose between three different load carrying capacities when designing the X-frame rack: Frame struts made of 1.5 mm sheet steel, Pro-X struts made of 3 mm sheet steel and highly robust robot struts made of 13 mm sheet steel. The struts are compatible with each other so they can be combined within one system, thereby providing ideal adaptation for uses in all areas of the plant with reduction and optimization of weight and costs. During the planning phase häwa offers an optional FEM calculation, ensuring an optimized pick accuracy and vibration behavior. The windows of the robot cells are made of polycarbonate, whereby the thickness of the material can be freely selected. Other materials can also be used for customized designs.  

    With the X-frame system we have developed a laser protection standard that is used up to laser protection class 4. We offer pre-fabricated laser components, which are combined to a highly effective protection system, including for example, overlapping door systems, frame labyrinths and corresponding windows. For high-power lasers we offer protective cells with active laser protection, like for example LaserSpy. On this basis, X-frame can also be used to design light-tight systems that have proven particularly successful in welding and bonding systems where there is a risk of harmful UV light being emitted to the outside. Light-proof systems are also used in optical measuring systems. In order to eliminate even the last reflections, the inside of these cells can be coated in matt black.  

    For hygienic areas, for example in the food or pharmaceutical industry, häwa offers stainless steel X-frame racks either in V2A or V4A. These cells are also successfully used in clean rooms for the production of photovoltaic systems and in wafer manufacturing. häwa also offers painted stainless steel versions for different clean room classes. Other materials for the construction of a machine rack are possible, for example in electroplating or coating systems that require a high degree of cleaning. The X-frame surfaces in hygiene areas are processed to the required standards and all control cabinets are equipped with appropriate seals.  

    At häwa we have standardized on different door systems for the X-frame models, including normal hinged doors, sliding and lifting doors, folding doors as well as pneumatic and electric door systems. Furthermore, the customer can choose from a wide range of handles, hinges and door locking systems. Lifting door systems have proven particularly successful in the past, because they provide fast, safe, continuous and free access to the system. Project manager Volker Ott: “We have developed a cost-effective and space-saving system with integrated mechanical feeder. This eliminates interfering and space-consuming counterweights. The required guides are mounted intelligently and space-saving in the vertical corner struts.” Thanks to the hidden cable routing and individual coating options, X-frame is a real eye-catcher that offers high functionality.  

    In order to present the innovative X-frame machine frame in detail, häwa has built a sample cell that will go on tour this fall in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. This cell will be presented in a show truck directly to customers and prospective customers on site. Please contact häwa's sales partners or www.haewa.com/roadshow-x-frame to arrange an appointment.


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