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  • 04. July 2022

    UL Approval: häwa responds to the requirements of the international markets

    Wain, 4th of July 2022. The international market has always been of great importance to häwa GmbH, the leading manufacturer of control cabinets and enclosures. häwa products can be found all over the world - with the USA, where the company has its own representation, representing an important mainstay. UL approval of devices and components is of fundamental importance for the North American market. Reason enough for häwa to continuously develop its control cabinets and enclosures to meet this requirement.

    The Underwriters Laboratories Inc.® (UL) works with other organizations to harmonize international safety standards and also writes its own product safety standards. Unlike IEC standards, for example, which only define a minimum safety standard for a device, UL certification is a genuine quality mark. UL inspects the product and any components in detail and also gets a picture of the production process. In this way, they also, and above all, meet the strict guidelines of the American market. Today, UL is one of the world's most important independent institutions for the testing and certification of materials, components and end products in the area of product safety. In keeping with its founding history, the focus is still on the potential for the occurrence of fires and personal injury. UL is headquartered in Northbrook, Illinois, USA, with offices in many countries around the world.

    As a manufacturer, but also as a supplier of control cabinets and enclosures for its customers, häwa GmbH is active worldwide. The company has recently extended its UL approval. Control cabinets are upgraded to the additional Type 3R for outdoor use. This can be done either by converting stock variants or directly in the customised production of cabinets and enclosures. Further type ratings of the cabinets are Type 1 and Type 12, for enclosures Type 1, Type 12 and Type 4/4X

    The RainKit conversion kit for the cabinet product category includes a rain rail. Ultimately, however, the complete cabinet is converted to optimise the corrosion resistance for the outdoor area. häwa offers ready-built cabinets ex works for this purpose. The supplementary accessories UL Type 3R, 12 consist of filter hoods, a rain cover and a rain rail for the cabinet.

    In the case of an enclosure, on the other hand, the conversion kit is not required as the enclosures are already approved for outdoor use. All external fittings and fastening parts, therefore, comply with the increased corrosion protection requirements for outdoor use.

    Visible features are the 3R top panel or the 3R rain rail additionally mounted on the standard top panel. These models can be powder coated in RAL 7035 or RAL 9010.


    Printhäwa GmbH