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  • 08. May 2020

    One sensor, several functions

    häwa optimized their "Sensor Operated LED" control cabinet lights. Close cooperation with end users pays off once again.

    Wain – 30th April 2020 – The häwa “sensor operated LED“ cabinet lights are based on a simple working principle: When opening the cabinet door, an optical sensor is activated and the cabinet light illuminates the cabinet interior. No toggle switches, no buttons, no motion sensors - a very simple principle which can be mounted extremely quickly and easily, even in case of retrofitting. "In the past months we have received a lot of praise from our customers for this innovation", said Stefan Kaufer, Sales Manager of South Germany at häwa, " since the lack of lighting in control cabinets often gave reason for complaints, especially from fitters". The motion sensors often used in the past, required regular waving movements to reactivate the light.

    This problem could partly be solved with the introduction of the sensor operated LED lamp, but if the cabinet was equipped with a filter fan or an air conditioner, a door contact switch was still required to activate or deactivate them. “We were able to replace this last mechanical element by additional contacts which perform this function”, stated Stefan Kaufer. "By integrating the sensor, it is possible to operate the devices directly between 230V and 24V, fulfilling thus two working steps in one step".

    Thanks to this innovation, it is possible to eliminate a further, often time-consuming processing step during assembly and maintenance. Most of the häwa control cabinets
    are customized solutions, designed in close cooperation with the customer. It is precisely this close proximity to practical applications that leads to solutions that seem very simple at first glance, but which offer considerable advantages. For example, the recently modified FixCool filter fans, which provide now significantly more performance with less energy consumption.
    The new Sensor Operated LED lamp is expected to be approved before the end of 2020. Delivery will be effected immediately after receipt of the approval.

    Stefan Kaufer, Sales Manager of South Germany


    Printhäwa GmbH