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  • 09. November 2020

    Interview häwa Bad Wörishofen

    Lutz Georgi (51) has joined häwa 21 years ago and as operations manager he is responsible for the Bad Wörishofen site. We talked to him about the company and the location in the industrial area of the Kneipp health resort in the German region Unterallgäu.

    Question: What does häwa manufacture at the Bad Wörishofen site?

    Lutz Georgi: häwa is a manufacturer of electrical enclosures, control cabinets and customized enclosures for housing electrical components. One of the great häwa success stories of the recent years is the patented machine rack X-frame, which is mainly manufactured here in Bad Wörishofen. X-frame is a modular system for implementing customized machine racks and enclosures. Many of our products are individual solutions to meet the specific requirements of our customers. Our customers come from various industries - and from all over the world.

    Question: How many employees do you currently have at the site in Bad Wörishofen?

    Lutz Georgi: We have currently about 70 employees in the production, shipping, calculation and engineering departments. You can say that the heart of X-frame beats here in Bad Wörishofen.

    Question: What are the advantages of the Bad Wörishofen site?

    Lutz Georgi: Bad Wörishofen is not a strategically chosen location. The company was originally founded by Maschinenfabrik Härdtle KG in Wain, and Hans Springer in Bad Wörishofen. In 2000 the Bad Wörishofen site became an integrated part of häwa and has been continuously expanded and modernized during the last years. We have a very good connection to the freeway and we have no problems to find skilled workers and trainees in our area. And I would like to emphasize that we are lucky to be located here in such a beautiful area.

    Question: How does the Covid-19 pandemic affect your company?

    Lutz Georgi: The really positive thing is: thanks to our sophisticated hygiene concept, Corona was and is actually no problem for our staff members. Luckily, none of our employees was infected. The fact that we received more notifications of illness than usual is due to caution - we recommended our staff members staying at home even with normal cold symptoms. Of course, we are also affected by the economic impact of Corona. No trade fairs, considerably less customer appointments and, after years of growth, a small decrease in business development.

    Question: Do you have a prognosis for the year 2021?

    Lutz Georgi: Our top product X-frame places us in a strong position. We are generally continuing with our plans to further expand the Bad Wörishofen site but realistically have to face two challenges at once: First, the crisis in mechanical engineering, which was already apparent independently of Corona, and then, of course, the Corona crisis itself.  At the moment, no one can make a forecast for the coming months and whether we will actually achieve a return to normality by spring 2021 - as we hope. However, we are sticking to our growth strategy and hope to achieve a significant double-digit percentage growth for our special products in the financial year 2021.


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