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  • 11. July 2022

    In Memory of Kristin Heinrici

    There are people you miss after just one day. Because you miss their kindness, their subtle humor, their passion for inspiring others. Kristin Heinrici was one of those people. She died last Wednesday - and what was the relief from a serious illness for our colleague is the beginning of a great emptiness for us. It is the beginning of the unimaginable: No longer hearing her voice on the phone, no longer listening at our management meetings when she pointed out exactly what was important to häwa, no longer being inspired by her commitment, her confidence, her visions.

    Kristin Heinrici joined our company in 2014 and already in 2015, she became the managing director of häwa Corporation in the USA. She traveled across the continent to visit customers, organized deliveries from Germany to overseas with a team of eleven staff members and, thanks to her charm, she even convinced such a native American company as Coca-Cola to buy control cabinets from Wain.

    On weekends, Kris loved to go to the beach with her husband Clemens, her children Lina and Finja, and their two dogs, where she could clear her head by water skiing. Kristin Heinrici could read the sea, let herself be carried by the waves, enjoy every single drop on her skin. Or in the silence of the desert, she could think about new projects, the joy of life and happiness.

    Now our thoughts are with her and her family - and they will always remain with them. We have lost a colleague and friend we will never forget. People of the heart remain forever, even if you can't hold them in your arms right now. Anyone who knew Kristin Heinrici knows that she never did things by halves. Giving up before reaching the goal? Unimaginable. It seems all the more unfair that she had to resign herself to fate in the first half of her life.
    The things that comfort us now are the many memories she left behind. Memories so inspiring and loving that they will last a lifetime and more. This is exactly what Kris wanted. Never do things by halves. Thank you, Kris!



    Printhäwa GmbH