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  • 26. November 2019

    häwa managing director receives business award

    Arno Müller was honored for his regional commitment – he doubled the financial award and donated the money to two social institutions

    One of häwa's three locations in southern Germany is Bad Wörishofen. In the hometown of Sebastian Kneipp, häwa mainly produces the X-frame machine racks, one of the successful products of recent years. Now the city, the local savings bank and the local newspaper “Augsburger Allgemeine Zeitung” have honored the häwa managing director Arno Müller with the business award 2019. Paul Gruschka, the mayor of Bad Wörishofen, emphasized at the award ceremony häwa’s, high innovative strength and pointed out that companies like häwa are often not the focus, but they are the pillars of our economy. "häwa’s high-quality work is valued worldwide".

    Arno Müller was surprised by the award and announced that he intends to expand the Bad Wörishofen location by approx. 30,000 square meters. "There is a great demand for our high-quality products since we mainly produce to our customer requirements.”
    The häwa managing director doubled the prize money of 1,000 Euro and donated it in equal parts to the multi-generation house for the compaign "Young people help old people" and to the kindergarten in Bad Wörishofen.

    And last, but not least, you will find on the SPS fair häwa’s bestseller – the patented X-frame machine rack. A special demonstration cell will occupy a central position on the booth, showing in details the principle of almost infinite options: developing customized solutions together with the customer, producing high quality on site and guaranteeing upgradability.

    Wirtschaftspreis f¸r Arno M¸ller

    business award for Arno Müller, Wörishofen - Photo: Markus Heinrich - Mindelheimer Zeitung


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