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  • 03. November 2021

    häwa and Green Way Systems Make German Roads Safer with OPTIMUS®

    Wain, 3rd of November 2021. Road works are annoying. For every motorist. All the more important, therefore, that traffic guidance systems with state-of-the-art technology are available to make driving easier and thus the roads safer overall. In doing so, the most diverse of systems are regulated in the background by high-tech. This is where the OPTIMUS® outstation comes into play: Green Way Systems GmbH, together with häwa, has already put around 1,000 units into operation nationwide.

    Green Way Systems GmbH works for one goal: More safety on the roads. Since 1998, Green Way Systems GmbH, with its headquarters in Frankfurt/Oder and subsidiaries in Baden-Baden, Amt Wachsenburg near Erfurt and Erkner near Berlin, has developed innovative products and systems for road traffic technology. This includes the planning and realization of demand-oriented system solutions including project management and systems service. This specifically concerns the collection of traffic data in temporary traffic situations and the control of mobile traffic systems.

    Small, light, robust: The heart of every traffic control system

    About six years ago, Green Way Systems was looking for a partner that would be able to supply a small, lightweight yet robust control cabinet - effectively the heart of any mobile traffic control system. Matthias Müller, Managing Director of the company: "At häwa, we noticed immediately: This is a medium-sized company that operates just like we do. This has been confirmed in the extremely constructive cooperation over many years – today, there are around 1,000 of our OPTIMUS® outstations in operation, and that all over Germany".

    OPTIMUS® has been designed for temporary traffic technology applications. For this, the outstation was designed as a pole cabinet and developed for mains-independent operation. The components used are solar-optimized and conserve energy . The communication for the monitoring and control of the system is wireless and based onthe latest mobile radio technology. OPTIMUS® has been designed so that a large number of different actuators and sensors can be connected quickly, easily and without errors by means of a plug system. The conventional cabling and insertion of the cables through cable glands are, therefore, completely eliminated. Thus, OPTIMUS® is a compact "all-in-one device" and ideally suited for the operating and installation conditions of temporary traffic technology.

    häwa shines once again with a customer-specific solution

    Torsten Ross, field service employee at häwa: "The requirements for the development of the housing were demanding. We are talking here about superstructure frames, some of which are mounted attached to fixed posts at a height of 4.5 metres and / or also next to the road. At the same time, the devices have to perform their service in the truest sense of the word 'in wind and weather." häwa guarantees an operational range from minus 20 to plus 60 degrees Celsius. By using aluminum for the mounting plate, a total weight of only 21 kilograms has been achieved and the housing tray is completely welded. OPTIMUS® is supplied ready to use, a special highlight is the mains-independent operation thanks to solar optimisation. Torsten Ross: "Here, häwa has shown once again how individual customer solutions can be realized thanks to decades of experience. Around 1,000 OPTIMUS® outstations from Green Way Systems, which are in use nationwide, have a housing from our company as their 'heart' - a remarkable success story."

    More on the Internet at: www.haewa.com/solutions-products/references/optimus-roadside-outstation



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