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  • 29. October 2019

    Extensive häwa product exhibition

    Häwa will expose at the SPS trade fair 2019 in Nuremberg the innovations of its extensive product portfolio, including various types of control cabinets, a large range of accessories and components (e.g. lamps and climate control products) and also the compact version of the X-frame machine rack, showing many customized solution examples.

    Nuremberg – 29 October 2019 – Over the past few months häwa, the brand manufacturer of control cabinets and customized cabinet solutions, has proved once more their knowledge and instincts for customer-focused innovations. Shortly after their presentation and market introduction, the three new and optimized products did not only cause quite a stir in the industry and among customers – but, what is even more important for the company - they resulted in a high degree of customer satisfaction.
    The first new product is the internal cabinet lamp. After having already produced the first generation of the sensor operated LED lamp without door switch and motion sensor for the pure light ON/OFF function, häwa could now completely eliminate this door switch.

    The second product is the optimized FixCool filter fan which can celebrate its premiere in 2019. For several weeks, häwa has already equipped their control cabinets with the new filter fans, gathering much positive feedback from their customers. With an air flow rate of up to 870 m³ per hour/512 cfm, the filter fans provide a reliable climate control and prevent the formation of so-called hot pockets, which often lead to overheating of individual components.
    In optimizing the filter fans, häwa is not only responding to increasing miniaturization of components and small decentralized applications, but makes also a significant and innovative contribution to climate protection and sustainable development.
    In the future, häwa will be focusing more intensively on environmentally-friendly energy efficiency – especially in the production site in Wain (south of Germany), where already many areas are supplied with self-generated solar energy.

    And last, but not least, you will find on the SPS fair häwa’s bestseller – the patented X-frame machine rack. A special demonstration cell will occupy a central position on the booth, showing in details the principle of almost infinite options: developing customized solutions together with the customer, producing high quality on site and guaranteeing upgradability.


    Printhäwa GmbH