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  • 27. September 2018

    The X-frame family is continuously growing

    Häwa presents its new manual workstation at the Motek Fair 2018 in Stuttgart. It was developed by the innovative team that has already designed the successful X-frame machine rack program.

    Stuttgart – 20th September 2018 – Over the last few years, häwa has not only gained a lot of experience with its patented X-frame machine racks, but has also continuously expanded its application areas. At the Motek fair 2018, which takes place from 8th to 11th October in Stuttgart, the quality supplier for electrical enclosures and control cabinets from Wain shows its new manual workstation and thus emphasizes the claim to combine innovation, highest quality and the realization of customers’ requirements. Volker Ott, head of the X-frame department at häwa stated: “This “little brother” shows that the X-frame system offers an unlimited array of applications. No matter if you require a small mounting area or even large housings, everything is possible with the X-frame machine racks”.

    The häwa manual workstation is provided with an easy-to-use and flexible electrical table height adjustment system. Just like all other X-frame machine racks, this type can also be equipped with pneumatic and electric connections, monitors, 19”-slide-in modules or sliding bars for battery-operated screwdrivers to the customers’ individual requirements. In order to make häwa's high quality visible and tangible to the outside as well, the rack surface is finished in a complex process with robust ESD powder coating.

    Volker Ott explains: “Our complete machine rack program, including also the manual workstation, do not just roll off a production line, but are individually designed to the customers’ specific requirements. Our customers can concentrate on the technical design while we support them in the construction of their machine frame, saving thereby time and money.”

    With the X-frame program, häwa, the quality supplier of enclosures and control cabinets, has not only developed a pioneering product, but has also launched a completely new and patented system to the market.

    The program features a modular, extremely robust frame made of sheet steel in various stabilities. The machine rack has lockable flaps for the safe and comfortable internal routing of cables, power supplies or other components. The latest developments from häwa include a new space-saving lift door system, a laser protection and a lightproof version. The X-frame enclosure can be equipped with extremely sturdy struts for the use of highly dynamic robots. If the machine racks are used in food and pharmaceutical industries, in clean rooms and wet areas, they can be provided with appropriate seals, sloping drainage surfaces and glued windows in accordance with the customers’ specific requirements. Control cabinets by häwa can even be mounted directly to a rotating frame on the X-frame cell.

    Volker Ott expressed: “I’m looking forward to demonstrating the continuously growing X-frame family to the Motek visitors”. I’m convinced that the manual workstation at the häwa stand will not only attract attention, but will also convince the experts. Our customers appreciate the flexibility of the large X-frame racks for many years, and they will also love our excellent solutions for the small workstations”.

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