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  • 01. August 2018

    “Many users annoyed the constant waving“

    An interview with Stefan Kaufer, häwa deputy sales manager for South Germany, about the new LED cabinet lamp, their special features and why motion sensors are simply inconvenient.

    You offer for several weeks a LED lamp for cabinets. Were the enclosures so far not illuminated?
    Of course, we offered light systems already in the past but they were equipped with conventional lamps, actuated either via toggle switch or motion sensor. The disadvantage of a toggle switch, known from refrigerators, is the relatively extensive adjustment work when mounting the door and switch. Many fitters informed us that they had serious problems with the motion sensors.

    Can you describe these problems?
    Usually, the fitter sits in front of the enclosure, is highly concentrated, often works with a laptop and moves only slightly over a longer period. Thus, the light is switched off automatically and the fitter must wave every five minutes to switch on the light. I know that this is not the major problem of the fitters, but it is simply annoying to move compulsively.

    How did you solve this problem?
    Our engineers spent a lot of time to find an optimum solution and finally started test runs with a sensor, detecting if the enclosure door is open or closed. That means: door open – light on, door closed – light off. I know, it sounds very simple and many users asked: “Why did nobody think of this idea earlier?“ After trouble-free test runs, we decided to go into production. Meanwhile, the lamp is a big hit.

    Is it possible to retrofit the system?
    We sell our sensor operated lamps only together with a LED lamp. It is not possible to retrofit an existing lamp with this sensor. This is not possible since we attach great importance to environmental protection and energy efficiency. This applies to all of our plants, our entire production and all products. Our LEDs have an extremely low power consumption, a service lifetime of up to 60,000 hours and they are completely maintenance-free and ensure an optimum illumination of your enclosure. Furthermore, larger cabinets or enclosures can be equipped with up to ten lamps which can be wired in series.

    How far could you ease the assembly?
    As already mentioned, it is no longer necessary to adjust a mechanical switch or a motion sensor. The standard LED lamp is delivered together with a lockable plug connection and upon request they are also supplied with an integrated plug-in unit. Assembly time: less than one minute. This time saving is very important, since many häwa enclosures are delivered at deadline and they are immediately equipped upon receipt, for example, when opening a new plant. That often means every minute counts.

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