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  • 27. September 2018

    “No chance for vandals“

    häwa presents at the SPS Fair in Nuremberg new enclosures with specific protection against vandalism: robust frame, high material thickness, washable surface.

    Nürnberg – 30th October 2018 – häwa, the quality supplier of enclosures, cabinets and machine racks, is for many years also very successful in protecting sensible components against external influence – and in particular against vandalism. For example, häwa developed for the German Bahn AG in Karlsruhe specific display boards for train platforms which are protected against stone damages. Now, häwa is showing on the SPS IPC Drives from 27th to 29th November in Nuremberg its new range of cabinets, providing not only high resistance against outdoor violence but also powerful protection against various scenarios in the factories. Thomas Eglof, product manager at häwa stated: “Our cabinets must be prepared for the Industry 4.0,  that means to the current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies. Thus our cabinets must be designed and constructed in such a way that the built-in devices and components are safely protected against dust, water, draught and also against vandalism. Formerly, it was usually no problem to install a normal fuse in a sheet metal cabinet, but today, the cabinet builds a protective cover for digital processes which have become unimaginably complex and highly sensitive. Here, our goal was and is to minimize the risk of damages caused by external influences.“
    In fact, vandalism results every year in costs, reaching the million mark – a daily problem of häwa customers.  That is exactly why häwa developed a new cabinet concept, providing high protection against mechanical impacts and an easy-to-clean surface finish  – even when soiled by certain paints and vanishes. Häwa presents this innovative cabinet range exclusively at the SPS Fair in Nuremberg and Thomas Eglof is sure that this is a topic that is not only up-to-date, but also relieves our customers: ”Our cabinets are not only extremely robust, but they can also be extended at any time and are developed from the beginning in cooperation with the users on site.“
    In addition to their vandalism concept, häwa presents at the fair its extended range of control cabinets, the new lightening concept for control cabinets and they demonstrate in an exemplary way the unlimited possibilities of the successful X-frame machine rack program – everything from a compact manual workstation to a completely closed enclosure. Thomas Eglof stated: “We present in Nuremberg everything that makes up häwa: intensive planning, outstanding workmanship and the gift to implement innovative ideas both with and for our customers.


    Printhäwa GmbH