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    03. April 2019

    About REACH

    Candidate List of Substances of Very High Concern

    13. March 2019

    häwa Duisburg breaks the 10 million Euro sales mark

    Although the branch will celebrate its 50th anniversary in the coming year, they already got a first birthday present. The turnover figures from 2018...

    07. December 2018

    Thanks to all organizers and participants of the SPS fair

    Redesigned booth with accentuated highlights and satisfied visitors

    27. September 2018

    “No chance for vandals“

    häwa presents at the SPS Fair in Nuremberg new enclosures with specific protection against vandalism: robust frame, high material thickness, washable...

    27. September 2018

    The X-frame family is continuously growing

    Häwa presents its new manual workstation at the Motek Fair 2018 in Stuttgart. It was developed by the innovative team that has already designed the...

    29. August 2018

    X-frame machine racks

    X-frame machine racks are one of the most important innovations from häwa. Flexible, immediately ready for use and individually planned and produced...

    01. August 2018

    “Many users annoyed the constant waving“

    An interview with Stefan Kaufer, häwa deputy sales manager for South Germany, about the new LED cabinet lamp, their special features and why motion...

    25. July 2017

    Reinvent the wheel

    häwa is well-known for control cabinet and enclosure solutions for robots. But what has that to do with the Tour de France, which runs until July...

    07. June 2017

    Get ready to Meet the Challenges of the Industry 4.0

    “Industry 4.0 ready“ control cabinets are still made of sheet steel, but their design helps to make the increasingly networked production processes in...

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